Platinum Health Group Medical Centres offering a wide range of patient services:
  • Audiology

  • Adult & Children's Vaccinations

  • Bioidentical hormone therapy

  • Cardiac Risk Management

  • Care Plans

  • CASA aviation medicals (St Andrew's only)

  • Chronic Health Care and Management

  • Circumcision - children up to 12 months

  • Diabetic Education

  • Diabetic Management

  • Employment medicals

  • Health Assessments

  • Mental Health

  • Medication Reviews

  • Medicinal Cannabis

  • Nursing Home Visits

  • Physiotherapy​

  • Podiatry

  • Psychology

  • Skin checks and excisions

  • Travel Medicine / Clinic

  • 24 hour blood pressure monitoring

  • ​Vaccinations for Q-fever (Wilsonton only)

  • Vasectomies (Wilsonton only)

  • Veterans’ Affairs Assessments

  • Women’s health

  • WorkCover assessments

  • Wound Management

Acute Care Needs

For existing patients with acute care needs, we will always endeavour to have you seen by one of our experienced practitioners as soon as possible. We work by appointments, but understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances mean that patients will need to be ‘fitted in’.

We endeavour to see everyone in a timely manner, however sometimes emergencies arise that mean you may have to wait a little while to be seen. In urgent life threatening emergencies such as chest pain or difficulty breathing, you should always dial ‘000’ and discuss with Ambulance Service.  On these occasions, we are grateful for your understanding.

Childhood Immunisations

Platinum Health Group provides a comprehensive range of vaccination services for the local community. Our Doctors are very experienced and we have knowledgeable and experienced nurses to assist GP's in providing assessment, education and vaccination of children and adults alike.

We work in collaboration with the Australian Immunisation Register to ensure each child is up to date and well protected against vaccine-preventable infectious diseases.


Chronic Health Needs

In our community, we are seeing ever-increasing rates of chronic disease, and in response to this, we are passionate about prevention, and in providing a high quality of care to our patients diagnosed with a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, stroke and many others.

We strongly believe that by providing the best education and advice; support, referral and treatment; our local community can be a vibrant and healthy one enjoying a high quality of life.

Platinum makes use of care planning to facilitate the best possible management of chronic disease.  Care plans (or GP Management Plans) involve a detailed assessment of your current symptoms and treatment followed by identifying ways to improve, based on best practice guidelines.


You and your doctor decide together on the important goals for your treatment and a plan of action to enable you to achieve them.  Care Plans are undertaken periodically depending on the severity of your chronic disease.

Completing a Care Plan usually involves a 30-40 minute appointment with a Practice Nurse followed by a 10-20 minute appointment with your Doctor. We believe that all patients with chronic medical problems should make use of this comprehensive approach to improve their health and lifestyle.

We promote a team-based care approach to chronic disease management, as research shows us that this is the best way of having positive health outcomes for our patients. We also promote the philosophy that each person is treated as an autonomous individual, and so a chronic disease management plan needs to be mutually beneficial to be successful.

A team of health care professionals including Specialists, Pharmacists and Allied Health Professionals usually delivers the best care for many of these conditions. Your Doctor plays a pivotal role in coordinating this care to ensure the best outcomes for you. If your Doctor completes a “Team Care Arrangement”, you may be eligible for up to five subsidised visits to health professionals each year (such as Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Psychologists, Diabetic Educators and others).


Enhanced Primary Care

At Platinum Health we utilise a wide variety of local allied health services to allow our patients the quality of care that they deserve. We provide on-site podiatry, psychology, physiotherapy and diabetic education.


Many of our patients with chronic health conditions can be referred to allied health providers at little or no cost, providing them with innovative care from local service providers whom our doctors know and trust.

Health Assessments

We provide a range of health assessments to meet the needs of our valued patients. We can facilitate medical assessments for health insurance, drivers licence, occupational medicals, WorkCover assessments, and assessments aimed at many different age and demographic groups including 45-49 year old health assessments, over 75 years health assessments, annual assessments for Indigenous Australians and others.

​We are highly experienced and currently provide occupational assessments for many corporate groups from small local business to national employers, and welcome your inquiries should you be seeking similar services either personally or within your business.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a modern branch of medical care that has developed with the increased competition and interest in sport across many age groups. Some say it was begun in Australia in the 1960’s or so, as doctors with our Olympic Teams looked for ways to improve fitness and to prevent and treat injuries – “to get an edge”.

​From humble beginnings, as an “interest”, it has developed into a full-blown branch of medicine requiring special training and covering a wide field of discipline, as well as an age group of 10-90yrs!  It covers orthopaedics, general medicine, nutrition, footwear, exercise, muscle wear and tear and many other conditions.


Travel medicine

Travel can be one of the most exciting and rewarding life experiences, however it does not come without its risks. We want all of our travelling people to enjoy their journey, and arrive at their end destination safe and well.

​As practicing branches of the Travel Medicine Alliance Australia (http://www.travelmedicine.com.au) our experienced practitioner at Wilsonton Medical Centres can provide up-to-date specialist pre and post travel advice, vaccination and screening.


​We welcome all travellers, including corporate travel, expedition groups, experienced globetrotters, first-time travellers and everyone in between.

Women's Health

We at Platinum  Health Group recognise the unique needs of women as they pass through adulthood, life phases and into older age.

​We provide a range of services in a comfortable and relaxed environment, where our doctors and nurses recognise the requirements of individuals and provide unique advice, screening and treatment in a mutually acceptable manner and in line with best principles, standards and guidelines.

​Such services include cervical screening and vaccination to prevent cervical cancer, reproductive care and contraception counselling and treatment, breast screening and referral services, sexual health advice, screening and care, ante and post-natal care shared with other local health providers, advice and care during perimenopausal phases, advice and treatment related to osteoporosis and other women’s health related areas.

Wound Management

At Platinum Health Group, we provide comprehensive services to assist patients in their wound care and have practitioners who are skilled in assessment and treatment of both acute and chronic wounds. We treat acute lacerations, burns, skin infections, ulcers and more.

​Our nurses undergo continuous professional development to aim for the best possible patient outcomes and this knowledge enables our team to utilise the most suitable products for individual needs

We endeavour to provide flexibility in appointments and often liaise with community care providers such as Bluecare or Ozcare for those who may find it difficult to attend our practices.