Big shout out to Dr Cameron Carmody from Wilsonton Medical Centre, Toowoomba, for supporting FightMND.

Not only does he love his AFL and North Melbourne footy team, but he is also proud to support this cause.

Motor Neurone Disease was first described over 150 years ago but still remains a terminal diagnosis with no effective treatments or cure. While advances in research over the last 25 years have been remarkable, innovations and progress have so far failed to translate into significant disease modifying therapies or a cure. But we fight on! As the largest independent funder of Motor Neurone Disease research in Australia, FightMND’s vision is a world without MND. Integral in this vision is our determination to help facilitate the translation of the growing body of new knowledge about the disease into a cure for MND patients in Australia and abroad.

For more info: https://fightmnd.org.au/

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