Reconciliation Week

Wilsonton Medical Centre, Toowoomba, recognises the importance of Reconciliation Week, 27th May - 3rd June 2020. #NRW2020 – In this together – is now resonating in ways we could not have foreseen when it was announced last year, but it reminds us whether in a crisis or in reconciliation we are all in this together.

Reconciliation is a journey for all Australians – as individuals, families, communities, organisations and importantly as a nation. At the heart of this journey are relationships between the broader Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We all have a role to play when it comes to reconciliation, and in playing our part we collectively build relationships and communities that value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, histories, cultures, and futures. To make an appointment at Wilsonton Medical Centre, please call (07) 4633-1939, or go to our website:

For more information on Reconciliation Week go to:

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