Flu Vaccines and Flu Vaccination Clinics at Platinum Health Medical Centres

April 18, 2018




Why have an annual vaccination?

It is the best way of preventing the flu.


What are Flu symptoms?

Flu develops abruptly 1 to 3 days after infection and can include:

  • Tiredness,

  • High fever,

  • Childs,

  • Headache,

  • Coughing,

  • Sneezing,

  • Runny noses,

  • Poor appetite,

  • Muscle aches.


Can it develop further?

Yes, some people can develop more severe health problems including pneumonia, bronchitis, chest and sinus infections, heart, blood systems or liver complications.


What is the Government’s over 65 years of age program?

Fluzone High-dose vaccine and the Fluad adjuvanted vaccine will be made available free of charge to people aged 65 and over. These vaccines are given as a single dose per flu season.


What is new about these new trivalent vaccines for people over 65?

The two new trivalent high dose vaccines are around 24% more effective than the standard quadrivalent flu vaccine. Fluzone High-dose contains four times the amount of antigen as a standard vaccine, while Fluad contains the adjuvant MF59, which enhances the immune response in older people.


Why is the trivalent better for people over 65 years?

The general consensus was that it was better to give older people enhanced protection against the three most common strains of influenza than to give them weaker protection against all four strain.


How much better are these vaccines going to be?

The new vaccines immunise against H1N1, H3N2, and one B strain, but do not include protection against a rarer B influenza strain.


I really don’t want the flu, should they get both vaccines?

Generally, the answer is no, because there is no data to show that two vaccines are better than one. There is not any evidence to support the use of the higher dose vaccine in people younger than 65 so it is not currently recommended.


Should I be vaccinated earlier than recommended if I think I am vulnerable?

Due to waning immunity, it is recommended vaccination against influenza be around May to June instead of earlier in the year. Your doctor will assess on a case-by-case basis and make a judgment based on each patient’s medical history.


Booking in for your flu vaccine shot?

Please phone one of our practices to book a time in our special vaccine only flu clinics. A doctor and nurse will administer the annual vaccination.


What is the cost?

A vaccine clinic visit is bulk billed.


Vaccine cost is $11.00 except for specific eligible persons under the National Immunisation Program. These people include:

  • All adults ages ≥65 years

  • All persons ≥ 6 months who have a certain medical condition which increase the risk of influenza disease complications: for example severe asthma, lung or heart disease, low immunity or diabetes.

  • Pregnant women

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander persons aged 6 months to ‹ 5 years or ≥ 15 years.

  • All persons aged 6 months to ≤ 5 years (Queensland Government funded)


I am an employer. Can Platinum organise a workplace program for flu vaccination?

We work with you to arrange the best time and place for your workplace vaccination program. Please visit our web site to contact our local Practice Manager.

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